How Recruiters Can Reduce Turnover in Healthcare [Infographic]

Are you an HR professional in healthcare? You’re likely flustered by the high employee turnover problem among nurses. After all, more than 17 percent of new nurses leave their jobs after only a year. Plus, hospitals can lose over $60,000 per nurse who quits.

High turnover permeates an entire organization, creating existing employee burnout (from picking up the slack of departed employees) and frustration among your department due to the length of time it takes to fill empty positions.

So how can recruiters help solve this problem?  They can help you find the right candidates who will stick around, saving your healthcare company money and strife. Check out our infographic to learn more about how healthcare recruiters can help you reduce turnover!

To recap, recruiters can help by…

  • Selecting well-rounded candidates
    • Ask about individuals’ lives outside of work; it will offer you insight into key personality traits.
  • Vetting applicants for culture fit
    • Stick to your values. This can help you assess whether a candidate will be a good culture fit with your company.
  • Getting creative in interviews
    • How will they handle a curveball question? Great questions help to find great candidates.

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