3 Benefits to Hiring a Contract Recruiter for Your Business

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Do your company's hiring needs ebb and flow? One minute, it feels like your talent acquisition team has your company's job openings under perfect control. A handful here; a handful there.

And another minute, it seems like every department is hiring!

Or, perhaps your company hires seasonally, so one time of year is far busier than the other. Or, just maybe, your business is expanding at a rapid rate and you needed to fill roles as fast as... yesterday.

Whatever the reason, hiring a new, staff recruiter may not make sense for your business. After all, you only need hiring help for a little bit.

Consider engaging a contract recruiter. Why? When your team hires a contract recruiter, they gain an on-demand, fixed priced Contract Recruiter service—a short-term solution to your short-term hiring needs.

You pay per recruiter, per month to meet your hiring demand. Here are four reasons why you should hire a contract recruiter:

1. It's cost effective.

When your job openings skyrocket, it may be tempting to add another recruiter to your internal staff. But if your job orders are going to die down in a few months, why add another member to join your year-round staff? That's one more labor expense for your business: benefits, technology costs and more.

With a contract recruiter, you're, of course, outsourcing. You aren't hiring a full-time employee. You aren't paying their salary. In fact, you typically pay a fixed cost per recruiter (a few thousand bucks), based on your volume of jobs.

And, again because the recruiter is outsourced, they won't require any additional technology or recruitment equipment from your company. They come with their own tools—likely ones your company doesn't have access to. They're working with a larger firm and often have access to enterprise-level recruitment solutions, tools and technology your size company may not. 

2. The integration is seamless.

When you hire an internal recruiter, you can't expect any real contributions from them for a couple of weeks. After all, that's called "onboarding." But, it's probably safe to say you don't have much (or any!) time to lose. Every day a position is open, you're losing money.

If you hire a contract recruiter, however, you don't experience that lag. Your Contract Recruiter (should be) an experienced recruiter with a highly decorated agency. They should be able to take your existing processes, plug into your applicant tracking system (ATS) and get cracking. They're an extension of your in-house recruitment team without the hassle.

3. You uphold a solid candidate experience.

When your recruitment team is short-staffed, your job candidates get shorted.

How? They may be left in limbo because they get lost in the shuffle of other applicants. This may mean good candidates are slipping through the cracks, or, if they aren't qualified and don't hear from you either way, that can help build a negative view of your company among applicants in general. Reputation is everything.

With the added help of a contract recruiter, you can ensure a smooth, consistent candidate experience due to your increased resources. This means you can source better, qualify leads faster and fill jobs in no time. 

Would you like to see how Hueman can help with your Contract Recruitment needs? Or do you just have general questions about outsourcing your recruiting? Click here.

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