Why You Must Develop a World-Class Recruitment Program [Blog]

People. They're at the core of everything we do. Without people, the world does not exist. Business does not function. Commerce does not happen. So why do they take the backseat when it comes to business?

People are typically put BEHIND the work when it comes to prioritization in the workplace. Just look at the management of people. Rarely do companies carve out time for managing people at all (or teaching managers or leaders how to succeed at it). Instead, the business world simply created a department for that: Human Resources. But even they are limited in how much of a "resource" they can truly be. After all, HR has their hands full handling:

  • Benefits 
  • Internal communications 
  • Employee retention and satisfaction 
  • Training 
  • Compensation 
  • Relocation 
  • Recruitment 

... OMG. 

Thus, managers and leaders are left to manage people on top of their day jobs. And that's where things get out of wack. We don't have time to mentor, manage or lead but still assume our people will make our businesses succeed - with little-to-no guidance, support and sometimes, capability. 

Then, our people fail us. Who's to blame? Look in the mirror. 

If you're a manager or leader and your people fail, then you have failed.

Until you recognize this, you can't recognize that you ALSO have an issue with: 

  • Management 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Retention 
  • Or recruitment 

Recruitment? It's last on most of our lists - and that's why it's killing your company. Put simply: You cannot win without a strong team. You need A+ players from top to bottom. And you need to build it right.

Here at Hueman, we preach this day in, day out. Big surprise: we're a recruitment company! But, we've experienced how key recruitment is to the success of our own business (which is nationally and globally recognized). Our people are the key to the success of our own business. 


How do you do it? And how do you do it well? Prioritize it. And then, follow a plan. Start with Hueman's guide which outlines every little step you need to take to build a World-Class Recruitment Program to: 

  • Increase hiring efficiencies 
  • Drive profitability 
  • Increase retention 

But first, let's start at the beginning - preparation. Download Part 1 of our guide, "Get Prepared" to get going on World-Class Recruitment. 

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Sarah is the Vice President of Marketing for Hueman. What's most important to me? To lead a happy and healthy life and be a great role model for my two daughters. In One Word, I Am: Passionate. My career? Four years of marketing experience within advertising agencies and six-plus years of marketing experience within the recruitment/staffing industry.

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