Is your recruiting strategy slowing you down? [Blog]

recruitment strategy slowing you down

Hiring managers and HR teams tend to be strapped for time and resources. When employees quit, they need to get warm bodies in those positions as quickly as possible. 

But these conditions can lead to short-sighted hiring approaches and troublesome turnover rates as a result. If any of the following practices sound like your organization, it’s time to revise your recruitment strategies.

1. You limit your search to active candidates.

There are four types of candidates:

  1. Active: Individuals who are unemployed.
  2. Semi-active: Employed individuals who are looking for a change
  3. Semi-passive: Employed individuals who may be feeling their job threatened by downsizing or other instabilities.
  4. Passive: Individuals who are fully employed, enjoy their current position, and have no intention of leaving.

Ensure you are casting your net amongst all groups, not just one.

2. You recruit reactively instead of proactively.

Don’t only focus on recruiting when you have a position to fill. Reactive strategies create extended vacancies and drive companies to hire less-than-perfect candidates in a panic.

Take a page from the marketing department’s book and use quality content to attract potential candidates. Engaging people in your brand establishes trust and recognition and will inspire people to regularly inquire about jobs, not just when you have an opening.

3. You practice a “post and pray” strategy.

Hastily throwing together a job description and posting it on a handful of job boards is not a viable strategy.  By cultivating a network of active and passive candidates, you build a readily available talent pool you can choose from during hiring frenzies.

4. You rely on traditional search methods.

High-quality applicants don’t respond to Craigslist ads.  Old-fashioned or generic job listings repel top performers because they suggest that the organization is behind the times and unlikely to challenge them professionally.

Craft ads that showcase your company’s culture, and use dynamic language to describe the available positions. Consider using video ads or other mediums to reach wider audiences. Your team may have suggestions for unique recruiting outlets — invite their input during the search.

5. You don’t utilize a recruiting agency.

Agencies help streamline recruiting expenses because they’re 100 percent dedicated to finding suitable employees, which cuts down on how long positions remain open.

When you only have to interview a short list of pre-vetted candidates, the turnaround time on making a decision shortens considerably. Good recruiting agencies also facilitate ongoing communication between you and top applicants, a tactic that’s more important than many HR professionals realize. The nurse you turn down today may be the perfect candidate tomorrow, so avoid burning bridges just because you were unable to be more responsive.

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Pete is a Director of Risk Adjustment Services at Hueman. What’s Most Important? To be a great role model for my kids! To enjoy life, stay positive, see new places and enjoy the outdoors. Each day is a gift and to always keep that mindset. In One Word, I Am: Handsome…j/k I would say friendly. My career? 14 years in the staffing industry. I started out working with clients for a few years as an account manager, then transitioned into recruitment. After 9 years as a recruiter I transitioned into management and now have the pleasure of working with both recruiters and client partners!

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