How to Develop a Killer Job Description That Attracts the Best Candidates [Blog]

Defining the job position and the ideal job candidate is the most critical step in the recruitment process. Not only will it help you focus, it will ensure better communication between you, your candidates and your hiring stakeholders. Those who do not prepare in advance risk attracting unqualified candidates. (No thanks!)  

So, how do you define the position to get yourself one step closer to posting your job?

A safe place to start is with a questionnaire. The questionnaire is exhaustive, and covers objective and subjective criteria.

If you are the hiring manager, a questionnaire is a great time to do key research on how you want to present your job opening. If you are recruiting on behalf of a hiring manager, sit the hiring manager down and interview them to get the answers. Build a questionnaire to glean insights and answers to the below information:

  • General Information
    • Intake Meeting Date, Position Description
    • Job Title
    • Department
  • Skills / Expertise
    • Culture Fit Requirements
    • Years of Experience Requirements
    • Education Requirements
    • Special Certification Requirements
    • Target Companies/Universities
  • Compensation
    • Full-Time or Part-Time Role
    • Salary Range or Hourly Rate
  • Performance
    • What does success look like in this role?
    • How will you measure or define success?
    • What would make the hire NOT a good fit?
  • Interview
    • Available Interview Dates
    • Primary Area of Focus in Interview
  • Timeline
    • Target Date to Fill
    • Target Date to Start
    • Target to Review Initial Set of Candidates

Once you have the above information, then it’s time to bring the responses to life in the job description.

When developing this initial job description, follow your company’s preferred template or format. It should be exhaustive enough that, when the HR team officially assigns salary or position type, they have all the details required.

Below is a template of one of our job descriptions here at Hueman.  You want to make sure the job description is easily scannable and that “fluff” is left out.  Also ensure you are optimizing your description for search, including relevant keywords so that candidates can easily find your job opening online.


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