How to Better Market Your Job Openings for Successful Recruitment

“Post and pray” is not a viable strategy for marketing your job openings.

If you’re just slapping your company’s jobs on job boards, you must seriously rethink your approach!

There are endless ways to market your jobs. And they're all rooted in determining where your job prospects are (on and offline) – and marketing there.

Go to job hunters; don’t expect job hunters to come to you.

The ideal marketing strategy is a marketing “mix,” combining a variety of tactics to reach your target audience. Here are a few ways to better market your company’s  job openings to facilitate successful recruitment.

3 Digital Marketing Techniques for Your Job Openings

First, let’s talk about marketing online. I could write an entire eBook on this, but I’ll keep it short and sweet (for this post, at least).

Where are your potential job candidates in the digital world? Generally, we can narrow this down to three, main spaces.

1. Google

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every single day. So, yes, you should marketing be there! At the very least, ensure your job descriptions are search-engine optimized so that your jobs are showing up in Google search results. Your job descriptions should include keywords someone may use when searching for a job. (For example, if you're hiring an administrative assistant, utilize the words "administrative assistant," "secretary," "executive assistant" -- any variation that can describe your posting.)

This is something you can do for free. Something that’s not free but can pay dividends? Google AdWords: targeted advertising on Google. By setting up an AdWords campaign, you can ensure you’re reaching people that match your target audience when they’re searching for words and topics related to your job openings.

Think of it as a way to be at the right place, at the right time. These are the ads you see at the top of your search results or off to the sides of certain websites.

google adwords display ads and text ads

2. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter   

It’s 2017: You don’t need any convincing on the importance of social media. In fact, 92 percent of companies are using social media for recruiting—which is great! But, how many organizations are tapping into social media's full potential to market their jobs? 

At the very least, you should ensure your company and your employees are posting links to your job openings on their networks regularly. This will engage those already aware of your company (your followers) and potentially attract employee referrals (because they're tapping into their own networks).  

To broaden your reach, there are several ways to run funded campaigns on your various networks to reach thousands of potential applicants every day, these include: 

Facebook company advertising setup

On Facebook (in addition to the traditional ad types) you have the opportunity to create a job posting where someone can apply directly on the platform. You can sponsor it for more visibility. Ensure you have the "jobs" option selected for the menu of your company's Facebook page.

Facebook Job Ad

There are a variety of different ad types depending on your goals, so ensure you think through the KPIs that will best measure your success (is it impressions, clicks or conversions?), and go from there.    

3. Email inboxes 

How often do you check your smartphone? More times than you can count, I'd bet. Thanks to smartphones, email is always at our fingertips—even when we're in the bathroom. (Yuck!)  

But, that's good news for you.  

You can get someone to look at your job from just about anywhere! We've already discussed social media and Google, but let's not forget the email inbox. 

When you have job openings, market them to your email databases regularly. Send out links to the job opening and provide contact information of your recruiters and HR department. Include content that can potentially answer job candidate questions and reduce hesitations so you can get more qualified applicants. Do you have a job benefits page you can link to? An employee testimonial video? What content can you use to go beyond marketing your specific job, but a career with your company? 

Simple Ways to Market Your Job Openings Offline 

As I mentioned, your job-marketing strategy should be a mix. While it’s important to market your job prospects online, don’t neglect the opportunities offline. Again, it's all about marketing where your audience already is.  

Think about leveraging advertising through avenues such as:  

  • Direct Mail

  • Newspapers  

  • Magazines  

  • Radio  

  • Flyers 

Don't forget about marketing your jobs through events, as well. Think about: 

  • Hiring Days  

  • Job Fairs  

  • College Showcases  

Marketing your job through an event can be especially helpful, as it ads that personal touch you can't get through a phone or computer screen.  

Did you learn new ways to better market your jobs? Have questions? Email us at to learn ways you can reach even more job candidates.  

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