6 Keys to Strategic Recruiting in Healthcare [Blog]

The healthcare industry’s turnover rates are alarming. So what’s the solution? Strategic recruiting.

A combination of strong culture and proactive techniques ensures you attract the right people for your company — and that once they sign on, they’ll want to stay. Use the following tactics to improve your workforce:

1. Build your culture.

Culture is one of the top three influencers of job satisfaction, and employees who are dissatisfied with their companies’ cultures are 15 percent more likely to pursue new opportunities. 

Before recruiting new employees, clarify your mission statement. Then identify the characteristics of people who will succeed in your organization.

  • Are they friendly?
  • No-nonsense?
  • Team players?

Flesh out a list of must-have attributes, and screen candidates for these qualities.

2. Simplify your application process.

The healthcare industry is creating jobs at double the rate of other sectors.  That’s great news for candidates — they’re in demand whether they’re top-level or mediocre.

But having a lot of options means that people are pickier about which jobs they pursue. If your hospital’s application process is lengthy and complex, they’ll move on to other openings. Pare down your application and update the online interface to draw a broader pool of candidates. 

3. Update your branding.

In one study, nearly 70 percent of respondents said they would not take jobs with organizations that had bad reputations — even if they were unemployed.

If your hospital has a reputation for understaffing, overworking employees, and dropping the ball on patient care, you’ll struggle to attract any applicants, let alone high-quality ones.

Conduct outreach to create a strong employer brand. Being active in the community, publishing insightful content and maintaining a vibrant online presence gives you control over how people perceive your organization.

4. Emphasize quality over quantity.

Interviewing 50 candidates for one position is a waste of time, especially if 48 of them lack the required experience and cultural attributes.

Pre-screening candidates ensures that you only meet with the best. Maybe you only interview 10 candidates, but each one should be a fantastic fit. That’s an efficient use of resources, and it increases the chances of choosing the right person. 

5. Identify your ideal employee persona.

Create a profile of your ideal candidate.

What credentials do you require? How many years of experience? What type of temperament? Think about how this person should interact with other employees on the unit. What role are they filling and who will they work with most often? 

Get specific about what a dream applicant will look like, then use that profile to vet people for that position.  Do this for all your openings.

6. Update your idea of "the perfect candidate."

Hiring managers often are set in their ways. They have a go-to template for choosing candidates that includes a particular degree and skill set — and little else. 

But selecting employees based on their resumes alone is a recipe for high turnover. Judge candidates on their:

  • Experience
  • Personalities
  • And what they uniquely offer to your team

Sometimes the unconventional choices are the best ones.


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