5 Keys to Reducing Employee Turnover in Your Healthcare Organization [Blog]

For healthcare companies, recruiting and retaining top talent is more crucial than ever before. 

Turnover among nurses (both new and veteran) is especially high. More than 15 percent of new nurses leave their jobs after just one year.  After three years, that percentage jumps to 43 percent — a staggering figure considering that the total national voluntary turnover rate for all industries is just 11.6 percent.

Here are five ways your healthcare company can reduce employee turnover in your healthcare organization: 

1. Recruit the right people.

Reducing employee turnover begins during recruitment.

Resist the urge to hire the first qualified person who enters your office. To build a happy, successful team, you must look beyond a checklist of certifications.  Choose candidates who have the right skills and who will fit into your culture.

2. Define your culture.

Before you can find someone who is a cultural fit, you need a well-defined company culture in the first place. 

Identify the values your organization promotes and embodies. Then, consider the behaviors and mindsets that help your team succeed. Your culture definition will emerge as you compile these traits.

3. Develop an ideal candidate profile.

Finding a cultural fit doesn’t mean hiring carbon copies, but you do want to build a team that’s driven by the same values. 

Envision the ideal candidate every time you have a position to fill. What skills and attributes does your team lack right now? What type of person would meet those needs? 

4. Ask subjective questions.

Craft interview questions based on the ideal candidate profile. Present applicants with hypothetical situations that might occur in your healthcare facility and ask how they would respond. The answers to these questions can be extremely insightful. 

5. Home in on happiness.

Looking beyond recruitment, make sure to invest in your employees. 

Taking time to onboard nurses, introduce them to other staff, and fill them in on the work environment may make them feel more included and empowered. Provide them with updated technology that helps them do their job, and provide professional development opportunities. People appreciate having paths for growth in their work.

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