Infographic: Disrupt Your Interview Process

September 13, 2017

If employees aren't succeeding or satisfied at work, they probably aren't the right culture fit. Workplace culture defines your company's environment. Employees who feel supported by their organizations naturally strive to work harder and achieve more. Not only that, but they're loyal to their employers.  


So, why not focus on cultural fit during the interview process? Rather than getting caught in the weeds of words on the resume, ask questions in a style that focuses on items beyond a person's qualifications and instead zeroes in on if the individual is a cultural fit for the organization.  


This is achieved through an in-depth, in-person panel interview performed the "Hueman way" (it's resulted in an 88 percent retention rate for our own organization) walking with the candidate through their life from high school to present to unearth key findings that will better identify if someone is a culture fit for your organization, specifically. Just because someone has the right qualifications doesn't mean they're the right hire. This is a unique style that disrupts the typical interview style that often leads to poor hires.

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Webinar: Culture Fit Disrupted [Video]
Webinar: Culture Fit Disrupted [Video]

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